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113 N Pine
Onarga IL 60955
Introducing our
New Raum
Energy line of
1.3 kw and Soon
3.5 kw
company focused on developing and manufacturing highly
robust and reliable wind turbines and grid-tie inverters. Their
goal is to provide a complete wind energy system - turbine,
grid-tie inverter and tower.

By developing systems that bring clean, free wind energy to
consumers at a low cost, Raum contributes to energy
generation without excessive impact on the environment. Their
people strive to use their unique skills to make wind energy a
simple and effective alternative power source for everyone.

Raum manufactures a 1.3kW wind turbine system that was
designed in-house in Saskatchewan. A 3kW wind turbine
system will be released soon.

Raum's team of professional engineers also provide consulting
for specialized projects such as designing electronic devices,
electrical generators, custom application inverters and turbine
blades. They also perform wind assessments. At Raum, they
are proud of their ability to help people find solutions.
Raum 3.5kw
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You can visit the Raum Energy Website for
more detailed Information:
Raum Turbines are manufactured to the highest
standards by top employees in Saskatchewan Canada.
Raum Energy
Raum 1.3kw
Raum 3.5kw